Sunday, January 2, 2011


To all those wondering about my NS life , im not in the army , but the police force .
Ok so the new years weekend was a blast! :D Adnan , Dad , Amir and Mum were all down ! haven't seen adnan for about a year , and mum/dad/amir since my birthday (excluding xmas). HC / Drama people were here too :D !

We took our family photoshoot , i'd upload pics but the photographer hasn't sent them over . The theme was red/black/white and jeans. It was at the beach and was really fun :D Can't wait to see the photos !

Sunday night was pretty fun , music at mcdonalds was so much better lols. But thank god for phil , leonard , kumweng , lokies , fahmi , brian , ryan , nathan and everyone else who made the night slightly more interesting :P

Kylie Minogue - Get outta my way
Florence and the Machine - You got the love

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