Sunday, January 2, 2011


To all those wondering about my NS life , im not in the army , but the police force .
Ok so the new years weekend was a blast! :D Adnan , Dad , Amir and Mum were all down ! haven't seen adnan for about a year , and mum/dad/amir since my birthday (excluding xmas). HC / Drama people were here too :D !

We took our family photoshoot , i'd upload pics but the photographer hasn't sent them over . The theme was red/black/white and jeans. It was at the beach and was really fun :D Can't wait to see the photos !

Sunday night was pretty fun , music at mcdonalds was so much better lols. But thank god for phil , leonard , kumweng , lokies , fahmi , brian , ryan , nathan and everyone else who made the night slightly more interesting :P

Kylie Minogue - Get outta my way
Florence and the Machine - You got the love

Sunday, December 26, 2010


First book out , and I have no hair its so tragic lol . heres a bad picture. i have really nice bunk mates in ns that are going to help make the 5 months pass alot faster . It helps that out fitness/field instructor , FI Firdauz is a really nice guy too. Cheers. and heres pictures of all the food that has been consumed over the period of 24 hours ....too much food.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Goodbye bubble.Hello real world.

It's been a great 2 years in Singapore so far and I've enjoyed every bit of it , from the crazy antics of the Drama and House Committee kids to the time we put our pens down on the 2nd of December.

It's been really strange saying goodbye to some people because it will be awhile till we see each other again . To the others , if theres no feeling of loss , it's a good thing. It only means that we know it's not yet goodbye , but a see you soon :) just not as often perhaps.

In 12 hours (well its 8:30pm as i type this .whoops 8:31) I'll be in NS !!!!! It's kind of exciting , wish me luck . Anyway I'm going to make a promise to myself and let it be in black and white for the world to see ( im assuming the world reads my blog ...cuz im amazing..yes....true story.)
Challenge : For every challenge faced , there shall be no complaints , but new oppurtunities. I can't promise to completely stay true to this but if I don't I'll post all the times I complained here.
To the other ns guys : It's something we all have to go through , have a positive mind set and try to have fun . Think of it as boot camp I guess :P.

Raimi and Phillip , sat night was amazing :P ahaha..ha..ha. No details necessary :P

anyway , of course I shall not end without your daily dose of good music , but im too lazy to hyperlink everything so please check out and support the following artists !

Florence + The machine - dog days are gone
Pink - Raise your glass
Rihanna - Whats my name
Duck sauce - Barbara streissand
Far east movement - Go ape
Sidney Samson - Riverside

That's all for now I guess. Nothing exceptionally exceptional.

I shall say aufwiedersehein because it means see you again and not goodbye.

Don't cry because its over , smile because it happened.
OH I MUSN'T FORGET ! Dear readers , before you go to bed and everyone does their little prayer in their own way , don't pray to ask for something , but try squeeze in some time to say thanks for what you already have :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

You look kinda cute, says:
i haven't done math zz my stats so rusty
A3: Got Milk? One horn pony. says:
same xD
I'm rdy for bed
staying up to do math lolz
You look kinda cute, says:
hahah dude its 9!!
A3: Got Milk? One horn pony. says:
i was up since 8 D;
You look kinda cute, says:
sooooo hahaha
A3: Got Milk? One horn pony. says:
thats early !
cityoflovers says:
HAHA ya i laughed damn hard when i saw it
A3: Got Milk? One horn pony. says:
whats your name son
whats your dads name...
cityoflovers says:
DAMN FUNNY im sure he got a lot of shit from his teachers
"whats your name"
A3: Got Milk? One horn pony. says:
always get A
for exams
or B...
cityoflovers says:
A3: Got Milk? One horn pony. says:
im going to sleep at 10-1015
im kinda excited ;D
cityoflovers says:
hahaah ah
why? never been that late before? :{
A3: Got Milk? One horn pony. says:
im staying passed my bedtime
and mummy doesnt know ;3
cityoflovers says:
A3: Got Milk? One horn pony. says:
so daredevil , i know .
im so wild
cityoflovers says:
wild child omg!!!
A3: Got Milk? One horn pony. says:
today im staying up past my bedtime
omg somebody spank me .
cityoflovers says:
Anwar you're so funny!
A3: Got Milk? One horn pony. says:
i might just copy this onto my blog

Jolene Tan is amazing :)Now , praise her on facebook @ Jolene Tan :)
Songs you should be listening to :
Take that - greatest day
Luciana - I like that

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Step up 3

Just got back from KL yesterday , was an eventful trip , managed to do all the errands and spend time with mum :) Felt kinda strange hearing all my friends and their uni stories or saying goodbye to some who are about to leave. I'll only be having those stories in 3 years time !!!!Ahhhrrhhh.
Btw Daniel Campos was in step up 3 , thats a reason on its own just to watch it . He's madonna's back up dancer , one of my favourite dancers :D!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Alright , this is totally not to make fun of that lovely chinese lady , because she was a really nice person.
Setting : YOG opening ceremony.

Lady : Is this a chair ?
Me : Yes it is indeed a chair but I think you're asking if it's vacant and yes it is.
In my head : No it's not a chair , it's a posterior resting device.

Sometimes we don't speak in proper english yet we still understand each other , although , I strongly reccomend that you use it.

David Boeng Beats.

So Denise came to SG and we had an awesome time together with her friend KiQit too!

So Friday we went to HMV to get David Choi's signature then we went to a place called TAB in Orchard for his show. The local duo before him were amazing aswell , they performed a sigur ros song extremely well and some of their very own ! Around midnight , David Choi came on :d and the CROWD GOES WILD!

He was really good and quite funny . great entertainer i must say :).

Saturday ! went to watch Boeng Boeng with Denise , tickets courtesy of Glen Goei/Denise :D Thanks so much Denise , i really enjoyed myself :) Then we went to catch baybeats although I only managed to stay for about 2 songs by An Honest Mistake ( a malaysian band managed by Avril Chan , Denise's sister :) , they were really good) So , great weekend , and now its time to crank that study machine and go into over drive.